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Forename Surname Choice Occupation
Tina Daheley Red Presenter
Rhoda Dakar No sauce Musician
Lawrence Dallaglio Brown Rugby Player
Jerry  Dammers Brown Musician
Anthony Davidson HP F1 man
Sharron Davies Brown Presenter
Greg Davies Brown Comedian
Bobby Davro Brown Comedian
Matt  Dawson Brown Rugby Player
Christopher Dean Brown Ice Skater
Jack Dee Red Comedian
Ortis Deley Brown Presenter
Les Dennis Brown Presenter
Frankie Dettori Red Jockey
  Devlin Brown Musician
Alan Devonshire Branston Pickle Footballer
Fraser Digby Brown Footballer
David Dimbleby Brown Presenter
Charlie Dimmock Brown Gardener
Sylvain Distain Continental breakfast Footballer
Howard Donald HP Musician
Declan Donnelly Brown Presenter
Jason Donovan No sauce, gone off it lately Actor
Tupele Dorgu Brown Actor
Minnie Driver Brown Actor 
Michael  Duberry Red Footballer
Dion Dublin Brown Footballer
Sarah jane Dunne Red, thats a bit random, get out more Actor
Adrian Durham Red Journalist
Brian Dutton Red Footballer
Liam Dutton Brown Bacon, Red Sausage Weatherman
Danny  Dyer Brown Actor
The Edge Daddies Musician
Efan Ekoku Red Footballer
Jennifer Ellison No sauce Actor
Ben Elton Brown Writer
Harry  Enfield No sauce Comedian
Chantal Escala Red Musician
Izzy Escala Red Musician
Tasya Escala no sauce Musician
Victoria Escala No sauce Musician
Chris Eubank Brown for egg n bacon, red for sausage Boxer
Chris  Eubank No sauce, as sauce can spoil a full english Boxer
Chris Evans Red Presenter
Fred Fairbrass Red Musician
Richard  Fairbrass Red Musician
Georgie  Fame Daddies Musician
Colin Farrell Brown Actor
Lisa Faulkner Red Actor
Rio Ferdiand Red Footballer
Alex Ferguson Brown Manager
Darren Ferguson No sauce Manager
Fenella  Fielding Brown Actor
Micky Flanagan Red Comedian
Robert  Fleck Brown Footballer
Terry Fleming Red Footballer
Alexandra Fletcher Red Actor
Freddie Flintoff Red with bacon, brown with sausage Cricketer
Chris Foreman Red Musician
Matthew Fort Both, Brown sarnie, red sausage sarnie Journalist
Mark  Foster Red Swimmer
Brendan Foster Red Athlete
Leigh Francis Brown Comedian
Stu  Francis Either - recommends Bloody mary ketchup Actor
Martin Freeman Red Actor
Emma Freud Brown Presenter
DI  Frost Brown Detective
Jenny Frost Red Musician
Barry Fry Red Manager
Sia Furler Red Musician
PollyAnna Gadget show Red Presenter
Liam  Gallagher  Brown Musician
Graeme Garden No sauce Comedian
Jason Gardiner Brown Judge
Mark Gatiss Brown - HP Actor
Michelle  Gayle Red Musician
Gaz Geordie shore  Red Celebrity
Jez  George No sauce Football manager
Boy George no sauce Musician
Ricky Gervais None breakfast, red chips, brown bacon butty Comedian
Kulvinder Ghir No sauce Actor
Robin Gibb No sauce Musician
Bobby  Gillespie Red (sometimes brown) Musician
Cheeky Girls Red Musician
Gabrielle Glaister Brown Actor
Lynval  Golding Red Musician
Len Goodman Brown Dancer
Jade Goody BBQ Celebrity
Dave  Gorman Brown Comedian
Matt  Goss Both musician
Leslie Grantham No sauce Actor
Danny Granville Red Footballer
Robson Green No sauce Actor
Glenn  Gregory No sauce Musician
Simon Gregson Brown Actor
Angela Griffin Red  Actor
Bruce Grobelaar Onion Relish Footballer
Tony Hadley Brown Musician
Sir Peter Hall No sauce Director
Terry Hall Red Musician
Christine  Hamilton Brown Celebrity
Neil Hamilton Brown Politician
Alison Hammond Red Presenter
Alan Hansen Brown Footballer
Jeremy  Hardy mostly Brown Comedian
Dr Dawn Harper Brown Doctor
Ainslie Harriott Brown Chef
Rolf Harris No sauce Artist
Roy Hattersley HP but its not as good as it was Politician
Ricky Hatton HP Boxer
Charles  Haughey Brown Politician
Chesney  Hawkes Brown Musician
Julia Haworth Red Actor
Melvyn Hayes Too drunk to reply Actor
Micky Hazard Brown Footballer
Noel Hearsay Red Musician
Michelle Heaton Red Musician
Tim Henman Brown  Tennis player
John Henshaw Brown - must be HP Actor
Richard  Herring mostly Red Comedian
Julie Hesmondhalgh Brown Actor
Murray Hewitt Brown Agent
Sherrie Hewson Brown Presenter
Nick  Heyward Red Musician
Craig  Hignett Brown Footballer
Dave  Hill Brown Musician
Harry Hill Red Comedian
Katy Hill Brown Presenter
Carly Hillman Red, but likes brown sauce on toast Actor
Alan Hinton Brown Footballer
Bombhead Hollyoaks Brown Actor
Grant Holt Red Footballer
Peter  Hook no sauce Musician
Jane Horrocks Brown Actor
Bob  Hoskins Brown Actor
Sir Chris  Hoy Brown Olympian
Darren Huckerby Brown Footballer
Tom Huddlestone Red Footballer
Liam  Hughes Red Footballer
Miles Hunt Red Musician
Elvis Impersonator Daddies Musician
Celia Imrie Red Actor