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Forename Surname Choice Occupation
Jessie J Red Musician
Colin  Jackson No sauce Athlete
Alex  James Red, Brown and Mustard Musician
Greg James Red DJ
Alina Jenkins Red Weatherlady
Paul  Jewell None Manager
Aston JLS Red Musician
JB JLS Red Musician
Marvin JLS Red Musician
Oritse JLS Red Musician
Boris Johnson Red (calls it Ketchup) Politician
Danyl  Johnson Red in south, brown in north Musician
Aled Jones Brown Presenter
Dave Jones Brown Manager
Graham  Jones Brown Musician
Eddie  Jordan Brown Motor racing guru
Marc Joseph Red Footballer
Mike Joyce No sauce..but brown if breakfast is a bit limp Musician
Mike  Joyce Red Musician
Phill Jupitus Red breakfast, brown bacon butty Comedian
Miles  Jupp Red Actor
Chris Kamara Brown Footballer
Pat Kane Brown Musician
Narinda Kaur Both but not together BB lady
Narinder Kaur Brown - HP Big brother lady
Vernon  Kay No sauce - but loves Branston Pickle Presenter
Lorraine  Kelly Brown Presenter
Alan Kennedy Brown Footballer
Emma  Kennedy Brown Actor
Martin Keown Brown Footballer
Mark Kermode Brown Journalist
Tom Kerridge Brown Chef
Saffiyah Khan Both - 2 dollops and a mixed section Musician
Dean Kiely Red Footballer
Kevin Kilbane Red Footballer 
Jonathan King No sauce Presenter
David Kitson Brown Footballer
Beyonce Knowles Red Musician
Nick Knowles Brown Presenter
Alex  Kramer Brown, but red with egg Presenter
Nish Kumar Red Comedian
Adam Lallana Red Footballer
Mark Lamarr Red on egg, brown on sausage, none on bacon Presenter
Amy Lame Red Presenter
Frank Lampard Brown -got to be Footballer
Clive  Langer Brown Music Producer
Linda LaPlante Red Author
danny LaRue No reply Entertainer
Kate Lawler Red DJ
Nigella Lawson Brown Chef
Nigella Lawson Brown Presenter
Michael  Le Vell Brown Actor
Iain Lee Squeezy Mayo, Red and chilli sauce Presenter
Graeme LeSaux Brown Footballer
Matt LeTissier Red Footballer
Adrian 'Jackpot' Lewis Brown Darts player
Kelli Liberty x Red Musician
kevin Liberty x Brown Musician
Mike Lindup Red Musician
Gary Lineker Was red, now brown Footballer
Martin  Ling Brown Football Manager
Danielle Lloyd Brown Model
Mark Lloyd HP, occassionally Mustard Chef
Gabby Logan Red Presenter
Kenny  Logan Both  Rugby man
Janice Long Brown DJ
Janice Long Brown DJ
Tim Lovejoy Red Presenter
Peter  Lovenkrands Brown Footballer
Gary Lucy Brown Actor
Cornelius Lysaght Brown Commentator
Ellen MacArthur Red Yacht lady
Lee Mack  Red Comedian
Jim  Magilton Red Manager
John Major Brown Politician
Michael  Mancienne Red Footballer
Jason Manford Red Comedian
Stephen  Mangan Red Actor
Stephen Marcus Red Actor
Johnny marr Sriracha Musician
Luke Marsden Brown BB man
Alvin  Martin No sauce Footballer
James  Martin Red Chef
Nigel  Martyn Brown Footballer
Laura Massaro Red Squash player
Michael  Masterchef Brown Presenter
Brian May Go away Musician
James  May Red for potatoes, Brown for corned beef sarnies Presenter
Gaz  Mayall Brown Musician
Simon Mayo Red DJ
Nell McAndrew Red Model
Rory McAuley Red Footballer
Gerard McCarthy Red Actor
Mick Mccarthy Brown and mustard Manager
Colin  McCredie Brown Actor
Terry McDermott Brown Footballer
Lee McEvilly No sauce Footballer
Steve  McFadden Red Actor
Danny McFly Both - but not touching Musician
Tom McFly Red Musician
Joe  McGann Brown Actor
The Lovely Debbie McGee Red Presenter / Dancer
Carol McGiffin HP sauce Presenter
Alistair McGowan No sauce Comedian
Lawrie McMenemy Brown Manager
Lee  Mead Brown Musician
Will Mellor Brown Actor
Katherine Merry Red Olympian
Paul Merson Red Footballer
paul  Merton Brown Comedian
Sarah Millican Either  Comedian
Gary Mills Red Footballer
Jeremy Milnes Both Presenter
Jan  Molby Red Footballer
Thurston Moore Brown, red on potato products. Dont need tomato, beans do the job Musician
Mark  Moore None on Full english, red on fish fingers musician
Mark Moraghan HP Actor
Ken  Morley Brown Actor
Ravel Morrison HP Footballer
Mark Morriss  red Musician
  Morrissey Red Musician
Chris  Moyles Red DJ
Larry  Mullen Jr Red Musician
Jimmy Mulville Brown Comedian
Naga Munchetty red Presenter
Danny  Murphy Brown Footballer
Al Murray Brown Pub Landlord
Antonio Murray Red Footballer
Colin  Murray Brown, unless there is egg, then red Presenter
Olly Murs Red Musician
Danny  Naisbitt Red Footballer
Daniella Nardini Brown Actor
Les Nemes Red Musician
James  Nesbitt Brown Actor
Phil Neville Picallilly Footballer
Bill  Nighy Brown Actor
Erica Nockalls Daddies Musician
Kevin Nolan Brown Footballer
Steve  Norman Brown Musician