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Forename Surname Choice Occupation
Tracy Ann Oberman  Brown Actor
Simon O'Brien HP Actor
Tina O'Brien Both, brown at a push Actor
Chris  O'dowd brown actor
Anna Off BB Brown Celebrity
Sam Off BB Brown Celebrity
Fenners Off soccer am No sauce, brown with shepherds pie Presenter
Tubes Off soccer am Red Presenter
jamie Oliver Brown Chef
Rita Ora Tabasco Musician
Ronnie O'Sullivan Red Snooker Player
Mark  Owen Brown Musician
Michael  Owen Brown - only on bacon sarnies Footballer
Geoffrey Palmer No sauce Actor
Tara Palmer Tompkinson No sauce Socialite
Monty Panesar No Sauce Cricketer
Horace Panter Brown, and reggae reggae with sardines Musician
Andrew  Paresi Brown Musician
Ji Sung Park  No sauce Footballer
Paul Parker Red Footballer
Phil Parkes No sauce Footballer
Simon Parkin Brown Presenter
Sarah Parrish Brown Actor
Nicholas  Parsons Red Actor
Vicky  Pattison Red Geordie
Jeremy Paxman Brown Presenter
Maxine Peake Brown Actor
Stuart Pearce Red, but you cant ignore the brown Footballer
Sue Perkins Red Presenter
Suzi Perry Red Presenter
Mike  Peters Brown Musician
Oliver Phelps Brown - HP Actor
Maggie Philbin Brown Presenter
Craig Phillips Brown Presenter
Lee Philpott Red Footballer
Karen Pickering Red Swimmer
Geoff Pike Red Footballer
Scroobius Pip Red Musician
Courtney Pitt Red Footballer 
Gail  Porter Brown presenter
Danny Potter No sauce Footballer
Mark Pougatch Red Presenter
Ian Poulter HP Golfer
Spencer Prior HP Footballer
PJ Proby Red Musician
Gordon Ramsey HP Chef
Esther Rantzen Brown Presenter
Jon Read Red Musician
Mike Read Brown Dj
Maxim  Reality Red Musician
Harry  Redknapp Brown Manager
Jamie Redknapp Red Footballer
Cyrille  Regis Brown Footballer
Peter Reid Brown - HP Footballer
Aaron Renfree Red Musician
Griff Rhys jones Brown Comedian
Claire Richards Red Musician
Keith Richards Brown - HP Musician
Rohan Ricketts Red Footballer
Graham  Rix HP Footballer
Bill  Roache Red Actor
Ted  Robbins red till he was 15, then brown, back on red since hitting 60 Comedian
Nicola  Roberts Red Musician
Cleo Rocos Red Actor
Jonathan Ross Daddies Presenter
paul  Ross Brown Presenter
Michel  Roux Red Chef
Kevin Rowland Red Musician
John Ruddy Red Footballer
Rumer Rumer Red (calls it Ketchup) Musician
Greg Rusedski Brown Tennis player
Ian  Rush Brown Footballer
Max  Rushden Red Presenter
Shaun Ryder Brown Musician
Bradley S Club Red Musician
Jon S club Red Musician
Howard Saddler No sauce  Actor
Louis Saha No sauce Footballer
Colin  Salmon Mustard Actor
Lawrie Sanchez Brown Footballer
Dean  Saunders Brown Footballer
Robbie  Savage Brown Footballer
David Seaman Brown Footballer
Alan Shearer Red Footballer
Ed Sheeran Red  Musician
Jack P Shepherd Red Actor
Teddy Sheringham Brown Footballer
Peter  Shilton Brown Footballer
Frank Sidebottom Brown Musician
Ryan Sidebottom Brown Cricketer
Frank  Sinclair Red Footballer
Trevor Sinclair Daddies Footballer
Hardeep  Singh Kohli Red Comedian
Valerie Singleton Red Presenter
Andy  Sinton Brown (and his wife is red) Footballer
Curt Smith Brown - HP Musician
Delia Smith Red Chef
Matt  Smith No sauce Actor
MJK Smith Brown Cricketer
Neil Smith Red Cricketer
Sir Paul smith Depends..sometimes van Morrison sometimes jake bugg Designer
Steve Smith Brown  Olympian
Lisa Snowden Red Model
The Great Soprendo Detests sauce Magician
Graeme Souness Brown Footballer
Gareth Southgate Red Footballer
Kevin Spacey Red Actor
Brad  Specials HP Musician
Louis Spence Both Dancer
Louis Spence Both  Dancer
Dj Spoony Red DJ
Neville Staple Red Musician
Isla StClair Fruity sauce Presenter
Alison  Steadman Brown Actor
Tommy Steele Red Musician
Toby Stephens Mustard Actor
Faye Steps Brown Musician
Gary  Stevens Brown, Daddies Footballer
Michael  Stich Red Tennis Player
Gary Stringer Brown Musician
Harry  Styles 1Direction Red Musician
Alan  Sugar Brown Businessman 
Graeme Swann HP with Guinness Cricketer
Claire Sweeney Red Actor
Melanie Sykes Brown Presenter