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Forename Surname Choice Occupation
Fred Talbot Brown Weatherman
Liza Tarbuck Fruity sauce Actor
Dennis Taylor Brown Snooker Player
Joanna Taylor Brown Actor
Karen  Taylor Brown, cos i'm northern Comedian
Phil The Power Taylor Brown Darts player
Gary Taylor-Fletcher HP Footballer
John Terry Brown Footballer
Iwan Thomas Red Athlete
Mickey Thomas Dont have breakfast mate Footballer
John Thompson Brown, knows the ingredients of HP Comedian
Lee Thompson Brown Musician
Alan Titchmarsh Brown Presenter
Gaz Top Brown Presenter
Andy  Townsend Red Pundit 
Pete  Townshend Brown Musician
Sally  Traffic Brown, Daddies Presenter
Lee Trundle Go back to university challenge Footballer
Phil Tufnell Brown Cricketer
Harriet  Tut both Musician
Beverly Tut both Musician
Hollyoaks Twins Brown, but red on bacon butty Actor
Nathan Tyson Red Footballer
Bono U2 No sauce Musician
Astro UB40 HP Musician
Midge  Ure Brown Musician
Rafael Van Der Vaart Red Footballer
Denise Van Outen Red Presenter
Michael  Vaughan Brown Cricketer
Robert  Vaughn Red Actor
The Vessel HP Musician
Gianluca Vialli No sauce Footballer
Jade Victoria Brown Model
Tim Vincent Brown Presenter
Tim Vine Red Comedian
John Virgo Brown Snooker player
Dave  Vitty Brown DJ
Carol Vorderman Red Presenter
Chris  Waddle Brown Footballer
Dave  Wakeling Brown Musician
Justin Walker Red Footballer
Gregg Wallace Brown Diner
Jessie Wallace Brown Actor
Paul Walsh No sauce Footballer
Julie Walters Brown Actor
Gok Wan  Red Fashion Guru
Paul  Wanless No sauce Footballer
Shayne Ward Red Musician
Nicky Weaver Red Footballer
Sian Welby Brown Weatherlady
Paul  Weller Brown Musician
Jimmy White Brown Snooker player
Norman  Whiteside Brown Footballer
Josh  Widdicombe Red Comedian
Jonny Wilkes Red Musician
Ray Wilkins  Brown and mustard Footballer
Alec Wilkinson Brown Presenter
Robbie  Williams Red Musician
Emma  Willis Brown  Presenter
Wincey Willis Brown Weatherlady
Holly Willoughby Red  Presenter
Robbie  Wilmott Red Footballer
Harold Wilson HP Politician
Mari Wilson Brown Musician
Dean Windass Brown Footballer
Lord Winston No sauce Scientist
Andrew WK Red Musician
Tim Wonnacott Brown Presenter
Edward Woodward Daddies Actor
Adam Woodyatt No sauce Actor
Frank Worthington Red Footballer
Danny  Wright Brown Footballer
Ian Wright Red Footballer
Steve  Wright Brown DJ
Eddie Yates Brown Actor
Paul  Young Brown Musician
Abi Zutons Brown Musician
sonia   red musician
Mike 4tune Red Musician
Simon 4tune Red Musician