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If you were thinking this is all a bit unscientific, then YouGov have completed a survey themselves to study this vital subject!

It can be found at...

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Red or brown sauce?

As every sausage-sandwich-lover knows, there are two kinds of people. Those who like red sauce, and those who like brown. Ladies and gentlemen, the nation is split.

Our nationally representative poll of almost 2,500 British adults can exclusively reveal that equal numbers of people pick either red or brown sauce in sausage sandwiches.

Whether made at home as a classic post-hangover pick-me-up or brought at a greasy spoons, a third of people have red sauce and a third brown, meaning the two most popular toppings are equally preferred by the British public.

  • 33% of Brits have red sauce on their sausage sandwiches
  • 33% have brown sauce, meaning that of those with a strong opinion, the population is equally split between the two sauces
  • Just 4% prefer a different sauce (with 14% who say they have no sauce at all)

There is a gender divide: men prefer brown sauce, with 40% of men preferring brown sauce compared to 27% of women, compared to 35% of women choosing red sauce versus 31% of men.

Young people prefer red sauce, with 44% of 18 to 24 year olds choosing this compared to just 17% of the over 60s. Equally, the older you are the more likely you are to enjoy brown sauce, with 40% of those aged over 60 picking this compared with 19% of those aged 18 to 24.

There is also a north-south divide. Brown sauce is the more popular choice among respondents from the North of England (37% chose brown) and Scotland (40%), while red is best in the South (36% chose red), Wales (36%) and the Midlands (36%).

Danny Baker: The Radio 5 Live debate

If your Saturday routine usually involves listening to the Danny Baker on Radio Five Live, then you will know one of the most popular features on the show is the Sausage Sandwich Game. The game, among other activities, asks celebrities to choose whether they would have red or brown sauce on a sausage sandwich (also giving them the option to choose no sauce at all).

Clearly, from our poll, this seminal issue genuinely divides opinion among Brits. Just 4% said they would opt for another sauce entirely with a sausage sandwich, while 14% committed sauce heresy and went completely without.

Baker’s show’s irreverent attitude to such apparently ‘trivial’ yet clearly entirely relevant questions has proved a hit with his supportive fans. One such listener writes: ‘his phone-in shows have been brilliant over the years, and the current show is no exception’.