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July, 2011
January, 2013
My top 5 sauce spots
1/17/2013 9:09:44 PM

Well after over 400 conversations with celebrity sauce fans, which have been my favourites...

I'll tell you....

5. John Major - Brown sauce - and my first big name spot
4. Jason Donovan - no sauce, as he's gone off it lately!
3. Ramond Blanc - no sauce - with the perfect back bacon and a perfectly cooked egg, why do you need sauce?
2. Angela Griffin - Red sauce - and a very saucy conversation too! (and she was with Liza Tarbuck!)
1. Morrissey - Red sauce - met my hero in a toilet and used my 1 question to ask about sauce!

Even as I write this I might be changing my mind - but it's a pretty good representation today at least!

most wanted!
7/17/2011 4:24:18 PM

We now have nearly 400 celebrity sauce choices..and i am often asked 'who do you most want to add to that list'?

There are some people who would be high on the list, that i am now lucky enough to have met and used my once in a lifetime opportunity not to thank them for influencing my life through their work, but instead to find out their sauce preference!

So who would i want to add to the list?

Its easy...

3. Sir Paul McCartney

2. Sir Michael Caine

and the most sought after star for me is...

1. Sir Bruce Forsyth

Clearly being knighted is a great influencer when it comes to my choices!


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