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I am intrigued by speciality sauce..this 'Broon Sauce' was released to celebrate the launch of the Scottish Parliament. And what better way to celebrate something than with a new sauce! This is a rare limited edition, one of only 500 in the world! If it means anything Manchester United have their own brand of red sauce, but serve HP brown in their restaurant...

Sauce is the universal language...if you find yourself in Poland, dont rely on talking loudly and pointing to get the sauce of your choice - simply say the word ketchup and they will know what you mean, as its the same word!

This is a mystery sauce from a classy hotel - but why do these establishments compromise the quality of their breakfasts by cutting corners on their sauces? This was a tasty sauce...but it is nameless, and the packaging is at best understated. The red sauce speaks for itself, the brown seems to contain only an onion and an apple - shame their is no picture of some molasses!

And while I am on about hotel sauce provision - why do even top hotels that serve the big name sauces (HP for Brown and Heinz for Red) insist on putting them in bowls with a spoon to serve them with? It's more difficult to get on the plate and doesn't look as don't do it! They put it in a bottle for a reason - so your can pour it out! 


After contacting Heinz to question the non existence of Heinz Brown sauce in the supermarkets, I have become a fan of their packaging as well as their products. They make their sauces both portable and attractive, and you cant ask for more from your sauce than that! They are officially called dip pots and sachets, there is a flavour for every occassion, and they even do their own salt and pepper!