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Sauce pop stars

Sauce and Pop Music!

Who'd have thought something as unremarkable as sauce would lead to musical inspiration?

Well here are some examples of Pop and Music linked together in perfect harmony...

Firstly the top pop band Brown sauce...featuring the presenters of Swap Shop back in 1981, they reached a chart high of number 15! Noel Edmonds wrote some words and B.A. Robertson wrote some music and the song I Want to Win an Award was born.

The video was shot with Keith Chegwin 'playing' lead Guitar, Maggie Philbin on Bass and Noel on the drums, if you dont remember it...check it out here...its well worth it!

The next pop tune related to sauce is the magnifique 'A saucy french love song'..its by John Scott Cree, it refers to the ingredients of HP sauce in French! It is genius!

Here is a picture of the artist...

The Video uses live 1978 concert footage from Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton UK, with images courtesy of and HJ Heinz.


And thirdly may i introduce you to Music is not fun - a french band who released the cracking tune entitled 'HP please' its both catchy and sauce related! Download it now! It will improve your life!

Here's the link to the tune, so you can enjoy it... to HP Please / BRITISH Rendez vous by Music Is Not Fun song on the BRITISH rendez vous album free on MySpace Music!