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Daddies sauce was always my sauce of choice as a kid, and featured in many brown sauce now features a red and a brown variant, and if you choose the red option you will be delighted to learn it has added vitamins, so you can feel healthy while you enjoy your sauce choice!

You know a product is popular when it has its own fashion range...Heinz branded clothing is only available in America, but i can still dream about owning such a classy item!

This site is predominantly about sauce with a breakfast, but the next most popular meal to use sauce with is of course fish n adds a whole new dimension to peoples sauce choosing! This photo evokes everything good about the seaside chippy...the wooden fork, the availability of sauce, and chips cooked in beef dripping - unbeatable!

Never be without your fix of HP sauce...if you are worried about breaking a glass bottle in your pocket, or if a squeezy bottle is too cumbersome to carry around with you...then the sachet is the answer! Keep some with you at all times, so you are never rueing the absence of sauce when you need it! I am sure we have all turned up to a barbecue, only to find the host assumes everyone wants red sauce or mustard...with a sachet in your pocket you can improve your burger, and politely show your host what is missing from their preparation!