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Perfect breakfasts


If you haven't got time to cook the perfect breakfast ( for me it's bacon, sausage, fried egg, bubble n squeak, a few mushrooms, beans and thick white unbuttered toast ), then this is the next best thing...add half a tin of beans to get the bean juice consistency right, whack onto toast, squirt lashings of HP on and job done!                                                                                                                                 

This is only a small picture, but it's for your own good - it should carry a health warning as it will get pulses racing! You know a bacon sandwich is good when people will change their sauce choice when eating such example would be John Barrowman - HP fruity with a full english, but red with a bacon sarnie...

Beans are the real unsung hero of the full english..often overlooked by posh hotels who mistakenly feel that replacing them with a grilled tomato is a classier alternative...just to be clear - it is not!

Beans are the component that bring out the best of all the other elements of the full english...and nothing beats the mopping up of egg yolk, bean juice and HP after a cracking full breakfast treat!