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Now that we have asked nearly 600 celebrities, i thought it was about time i shared the science behind their responses!

So the big question is what sauce do celebrities prefer, and does it differ to the preferences of the normal people in society? Well as the chart above shows, they are quite similar to the rest of us!

The most popular choice is Brown with a 45% share, Red is next on 36%, then No sauce on 11%, followed by Other sauces on 8%...this is where your Picallilly and Mustard appear on the celeb breakfast table!   



The chefs are the people we should be listening to, and their results are as follows...43% Red, 43% Brown and 14% No sauce. So there are no clues there I'm afraid!

Our male celebrities are a diverse bunch, they have more categories of choice than the women! The most popular choices are Brown 45%, Red 35%, and No sauce 13%, with a range of other choices. We also have 1 celebrity who detests sauce (The Great Soprendo) and 1 who has gone off sauce (Jason Donovan) 

Women are much more straightforward in their sauce choices...its 47% Brown, 42% Red and BBQ sauce is more popular than No sauce for the female celebs! So it shows sauce usage is more popular among the ladies! Thats scientific proof right there!