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Celebrity sauce choices (A-C) 

Search by the Surname of your chosen celebrity from the alphabetical split shown on the top left of the page...


Forename Surname Choice Occupation
Jimmy Adams Red Cricketer
Chris Addison HP Comedian
Jonathan Agnew No sauce Commentator
Kris  Akabusi Red Athlete
Jodi Albert Red Musician
Lily Allen Red Musician
Martin  Allen Both Footballer
Charley Anderson No sauce Musician
Viv Anderson Red Footballer
Darren Anderton Red Footballer
Toby Anstis Red Presenter
Billy Joe Armstrong Red Musician
Mikel Arteta Red Footballer
Ian Ashbee Red Footballer
Jane  Asher Red Actor
Kate Ashfield Red Actor
Rick Astley Brown, dont touch the red stuff Musician
Ryan Atkins HP Rugby League chap
Charlie Austin Red Footballer
Neil Back Brown Rugby Player
David Baddiel Brown Comedian
Stuart Baggs Red Apprentice man
Leighton Baines Both Footballer
Danny Baker red - bacon, brown - sausages, its a science DJ
Clare Balding Red sausage, brown bacon Presenter
Bobby Ball Red Comedian
Bobby  Ball brown Comedian
Ashley Banjo no sauce Dancer
Glynis Barber No sauce Actor
Lee  Barnard Red  
John Barnes Red Footballer and Rapper
Tina Barrett Red Musician
John Barrowman Fruity sauce, red on bacon butty Actor
Paul Barry No sauce Chairman
Goalie Bastock Brown Footballer
Nick  Bateman Red BB man
Mike Batt Mustard Musician
Dave  Beasant Brown Footballer
John Beck Both Manager
Mark Bedford Brown Musician
Sarah  Beeny Red Presenter
Mark Beesley Brown Footballer
Jenni Bellestar Both Musician
Francis Benali Brown  Footballer
Dirk Benedict Red Actor
Ninia Benjamin Red, prefers calling it tomato ketchup Comedian
Trevor Benjamin Red Footballer
Jon Bentley No sauce Presenter
Jack  Bessant Brown Musician
Bev Bevan Brown Musician
Alan  Biley Red Footballer
Stuart Bimson Crosse and blackwell brown Footballer
John Bishop Is a vegetarian so declined to answer Comedian
Clayton Blackmore Red Footballer
Kevin Blackwell Red Manager
Raymond  Blanc No sauce with the perfect bacon and eggs Chef
Luther Blissett Brown Footballer
Buster Bloodvessel Brown Musician
Erin  Boag Red Dancer
Billy Bonds Brown Footballer
Helena Bonham Carter Brown Actor
Boz  Boorer None (BBQ at a push) Musician
Ian Botham Brown Cricketer
Dane Bowers Brown Musician
Holly Jay Bowes Red & Brown mixed Actor
Del  Boy Red Entrepreneur
Tommy Boyd Red Presenter
Susan  Boyle Brown Musician
Billy Bragg Brown Musician
Jeff Brazier Red, kept in the fridge Presenter
Alan Brazil Brown Footballer
Ewen Bremner Red - Must be Heinz Actor
Rory  Bremner Red Comedian
Johnny Briggs Red Actor
Matthew Briggs Red Footballer
Mark Bright Brown Footballer
Marcus Brigstocke Both Actor
Lord Brockett Red Lord
Gary Brocklesby Brown Game show winner
Charlie Brooker Red Journalist
Tim Brooke-Taylor None, maybe Brown Comedian
Derren Brown Brown Illusionist
Joe  Brown No sauce Musician
Phil Brown Red Manager
Ralph Brown Red Actor
Simon Brown No sauce Footballer
Steve Bruce Brown Footballer
Rob  Brydon Brown Comedian
Rick Buckler Red Musician
Emma Bunton Either - I like them both equally DJ
Eric Burdon Brown Musician
Craig Burley Brown Footballer
George Burley HP Manager
Tony Butler Brown Musician
Jensen  Button Brown Racing Driver
Nicolas Cage Red Actor
Tommy Cannon red Comedian
Alan  Carr Brown Comedian
Jasper Carrott Brown Comedian
Willie Carson Brown Jockey
Tony Cascarino Brown Footballer
Paul Cattermole Brown 80% of the time Musician
Katy Cavanagh Brown and 'Passionate' about it Actor
Sarah Cawood No sauce Presenter
Helen Chamberlain Red Presenter
Craig Charles Brown Actor
Prince Charles Brown Prince
Sir Bobby Charlton No sauce World cup winner
Lorraine Chase Get a life Actor
Adrian Chiles Red Presenter
Terry Christian Brown Presenter
Mmoloki Christie Red Actor
Jared Christmas Red Comedian
Barry  Chuckle Brown Comedian 
Paul Chuckle No sauce, 'as it comes' Comedian
Steve Claridge No sauce Footballer
Darren Clarke Red Golfer
Lee Clarke Brown Footballer
Jeremy Clarkson No reply Presenter
Adam  Clayton Red Musician
John Cleese Both, Red at a push Actor
Tom Cleverly Red Footballer
Bernie Clifton Red Comedian
Martin Clunes Red Actor
Stuart Coburn Red Footballer
Frankie Cocozza Red Musician
Lord Seb Coe Red Olympian
Paul  Coia Red Presenter
Andrew  Cole no sauce Footballer
Lloyd Cole  HP Musician
Rev Richard  Coles Oxford sauce Rev and keyboarder
Michelle Collins Brown Actor
Robbie Coltrane Brown Actor
Brian Conley Brown Comedian
Nina Conti No sauce Comedian
Mick Coop Brown Footballer
Giles Coren Red Journalist
Richard  Corrigan HP Chef
Elvis Costello Brown Musician
Antony Cotton Red Actor
Fearne Cotton Brown Presenter
Josh Coulson Red Footballer
Brian Cox Brown Professor
James Cracknell Was red now chilli Olympian
Daniel  Craig Brown - Daddies Actor
Mark Crossley Red Footballer
Barry Cryer Red Comedian
Stan  Cullimore Both - mixed into 'bred' sauce Musician / writer
Jon Culshaw Red Impressionist
Alan Cumming Brown Actor
George Curtis Red Footballer