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Welcome to

This is the premier site that provides everything you need to know about the magical world of sauce!

What are you...a red saucer or a brown saucer? Or maybe you live in a sauceless world, or even enjoy something more exotic? Whatever your preference, this site has plenty to offer!

The site has been featured on BBC radio 2 with Chris Evans, Craig Charles and Mark Lamarr, and was used to provide research material for a national Little Chef survey into British sauce choice! It was also used to gather sauce views for a recent Asda ad campaign! And we appeared on This Morning when Al Murray revealed his sauce preference...

And we were part of a big sauce chat on BBC Radio Berkshire with Paul 'ketchup' Coia!

It was also featured as a discussion point on the tv channel 'The Big Deal' can see it here...

 This site features a gallery of sauce images, some vital sauce facts, and if you have ever wondered which sauce your favourite celebrities prefer...this site will have the answers!

If you'd like to know what percentage of celebrities prefer red sauce, this site will tell you!

At last count 36% of celebrities who expressed a preference were red sauce fans, 45% were brown saucers, 11% said no to sauce, and 8% preferred less conventional sauces! 

You can stay up to date with new additions to the celebrity sauce list by visiting this site regularly or by following me on twitter '@redorbrownsauce'...

Some recent big names are Pete 'Brown sauce' Townshend, Ringo 'Red sauce' Starr and Sir Paul Smith who poetically replied 'it depends, sometimes i feel like Van Morrison and sometimes it's Jake Bugg'



While you are here, why not share your sauce opinions and your views on what makes a perfect breakfast...leave your thoughts in the guestbook and vote for your favourite sauce here!

With a full English Breakfast (or vegetarian version) what sauce do you prefer?
Red sauce
Brown sauce
No sauce
Something else

If you want to share a celebrity sauce choice, or your views on anything sauce based...then please get in touch via the message board or twitter.

Latest additions to the site are the blog page, and the image gallery...tweet me your photos and i'll add them to the collection! One of the pictures was recently retweeted by pop legend Shayne Ward!

Thanks for visiting....May the sauce be with you!